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Hyroxylator 1000
Compact, quiet unit fits anywhere and disinfects up to 10,000 cubic feet
Check out DeMatha High School video:
Uses UV Light with Hydroxyl Generation
creating safe levels of Vaporous Hydrogen Peroxide
to disinfect large, occupied rooms.
Cost-effective, easy to install
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UV Light 
Air Purifiers
Fever Detection Cameras/Kiosks
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UV Surface Disinfectant

UV Light and Vaporized H2O2 Disinfection:

Open Safely and Stop COVID-19

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UV Air Purifiers:

Office, Dorm, Classroom

The benefits of UV-C light in sterilizing the air we breathe have been well documented over the last decade. 

UV-C light is a highly effective method to kill viruses, bacteria, mold, spores, and many other health threats. 

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Proven Results Against

Airborne Transmission

A recent study on UV-C light sterilization with the COVID-19 virus concluded "complete inhibition of all viral concentrations was observed with 16.9 mJ/cm2." 

With the CDC updates on airborne transmission, now is the time to take action.

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Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide

Real time sanitation (including COVID-19) through vaporized hydrogen peroxide.  Easy to install unit that is cost effective for large rooms. Completely safe for continuous use in occupied spaces, FDA cetified as a Type 2 medical device.



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