Convert your AC system into a full-size air purifier with our HVAC Coil Scrubber.

Upon installing this system in your home HVAC system, you should notice a marked improvement in the air that you breathe as the UV-C light emitted by the system will tackle allergy-causing microbes as well as fumes and residues from household cleaners, paints, chemicals, and other VOC (volatile organic compounds). 

GermAwayUV Single Bulb 36W HVAC Coil Scrubber

  • Generally speaking, you want to get as much UV-C intensity as close to the coil as possible. If you have a W-shaped coil, it is considered best practices to install one bulb in each of the crevices in the W, using the 72 watt system. If however, you have a simple coil without much space, you can install the smaller 36 watt system.

    Many people are reasonably concerned that having 2 powerful UV-C bulbs running all year can cost a fortune. Luckily, that is a misconception. With average electricity costs in the US, running this powerful AC coil scrubber costs only about $6.31 per month in electricity. Certainly not free but a fair price to pay for cleaner healthier air without harmful mold and fungal plant parasites.