This unit is the smaller of CureUV’s industrial and business use surface sanitizers. Equipped with a powerful 35 Watt UV-C lamp, emitting at a wavelength of 254nm, this device will effectively and efficiently decontaminate surfaces from viruses, molds, and bacteria.

GermAwayUV Premier 35Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sanitizer

  • The device offers a quick and easy way of sanitizing surfaces - all you have to do is, plug it in, turn it on and slowly pass the device lamp over the surface to be sanitized. In addition to the UV-C emitting bulb, this handheld sanitizer is also fixed with brightened reflectors, uniquely designed by CureUV, to enhance the efficiency, accuracy and output of the UV-C emission by up to 30%.

    The versatile and convenient design means that it can be used to decontaminate work top surfaces, walls and tools in a range of industries.

    We are sure that, wherever you are, with this unit you’ll be able to create and foster a clean and safe environment!