The FeverSight Smart face/mask recognition and temperature detection tablet, providing non-contact mask and temperature detection within 0.3 degrees Celsius. Configurable alerts and ability to intgrate with building access control and guest management systems.

The tablet includes the following configurable features:

  • Forehead Temperature Measurement
  • Mask Recogntion
  • Identification (30,000 facail recognition record per tablet)
  • Elevated Temperature Warning (audio/visual/message notification)

FeverSight Mask-Temperature Detection Tablet

  • The Feversight comes in a variety of mounting options, incuding window, kiosk, turnstyle, desk/countertop, and multiple pedestal heights.  The temperature measurement has shown an accuract of plus or minus 0.3 degrees Celcius.  The two-eye live human face recognition does not require removal of a facemask, and scans with 200ms to provide an accuracy rate as high as 99.5%.